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Brand to Distributor promotion

i. China Toy Expo

CTJPA has organized the China Toy Expo (CTE) annually in October since 2002. As the largest international toy, preschool supplies and playground equipment trade fair in mainland China, CTE is widely recognized as the ideal platform to from which to enter China’s market. For more detailed information, please visit www.china-toy-expo.com.


ii. China Kids Expo

China Kids Expo (CKE) is the most professional trade fair for juvenile products in Asia, produced in cooperation with Kölnmesse in Asia and held annually in October. It is the most effective link to quality customers in China. For more detailed information, please visit www.china-kids-expo.com.


iii. China Licensing Expo

Sponsored by the Licensing Industry Manufacturers Association (LIMA) and held in Shanghai concurrently with the China Toy Expo and the China Kids Expo, it is a unique channel for global licensors to meet reliable licensees from diverse industries. For more detailed information, please visit www.chinalicensingexpo.com.


iv. Trade Publication: Toy & Hobby and Juvenile Products

Toy & Hobby and Juvenile Products is the only national trade magazine directed at this industry segment. It is published by CTJPA with 25,000 monthly in circulation. The magazine is delivered to Chinese toy and juvenile products distributors, retailers, manufacturers and related industry business people.


v. Innovation Awards

The Awards honor innovative products sold in China by manufacturers from both China and abroad. Winners are selected by juries consisting of distributors, journalists, and safety professionals. This Award has been made annually since 2002.


vi. TAJI Night Party

Toy and Juvenile Industry (TAJI) Night Party is held in Shanghai every October. The Party provides terrific networking opportunities among brands, distributors and retailers.


Brand to Consumer Promotion

Kids Fun Expo

Kids Fun Expo has been held annually in Beijing and other top cities since 2010. It is a good channel to increase brand awareness, and receive consumer feedback. In 2015, over 160,000 consumers visited the Expo in Beijing, including expectant mothers and families with children under 10.


Kids Fun WeChat

Kids Fun WeChat is a social media tool launched by CTJPA to promote brands to consumers each week. WeChat has over 150,000 family members in Beijing now and is expanding to nationally.

Safety Commitment Campaign on Toys & Baby Products

In order to promote brands effectively and protect consumers with safe products, CTJPA initiated this campaign in 2013. Any brand qualified to join this program can use the Safety Commitment Brands mark in its market promotion.


Regulation and Market Information

Standard and Regulation

As the leader of CCC Committee and Safety Standard Committee, CTJPA understand the regulations and standards comprehensively. International Brands can get helpful guidance avoiding ignorant violation on regulations when encounter problems.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection

CTJPA has an IPR Protection Committee with the support of government authorities. They review complaints of IPR infringement and provide legal support by coordinating meetings among related parties, reporting to government organizations, and publicizing its activities to the industry and the public.


Market Reports

CTJPA publishes market reports and statistics annually. The reports include Consumer Behavior Report, Department Stores Retail Report and Import Statistics Report. The official website of CTJPA www.tjpa-china.org provides the latest industry information.