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How to Find Star Suppliers

Find Star Suppliers with five different ways.

1. To find Star Suppliers with the five evaluable standard.

a. Log in our official website and find the column named Star Supplier.


 Choose the specific conditions to find the most suitable supplier.


2. To find Star Suppliers with the specific products.

a. Find the categories and choose the specific category you want in our website.


b. Pick the three, four and five star in the column and then you will achieve a list of star suppliers with the products you need.


3. To find Star Suppliers by check the stars. Each star represents a valuable standard, so that we can judge the suppliers by different stars they have.

a. The fist star represents “Products &Export Qualifications”;

b. The second star represents ” Social Accountability”;

c. The third star represents ” Annual Volume of Export”;

d. The fourth star represents ” Corporate competitiveness”;

e. The fifth star represents “Membership Status of CTJPA”.

4. Each supplier has its own company homepage, buyers can find more detail information there.

a. Check which star and condition the supplier has.


b. Find the Suppliers’ main market, top five export countries and the specific Social Accountability Certification.


5. Post Sourcing Request to interact with Star Suppliers. The sourcing request list can only be seen and replied by STAR SUPPLIERS, so that buyers can contact with star suppliers directly.

a. Apply a buyer account in the website and then post the sourcing request.


b. Fill and submit the form and waiting for the reply from Star Suppliers.