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The 9th Session of TJPA Con Rounded off Successfully

The 9th session of TJPA Con has been rounded off successfully on March 31st in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province.


TJPA’s president May Liang put out “2017 China Toy & Juvenile Products Industry Development Report”, which analyzes China’s imports &exports situation in 2016 and consumption status, compares the products’ quality conditions used for import and export, sorts out the newly released regulations & policies and safety standards home and abroad, and on the basis of analysis of status quo, predicts the trends of China & international toy market.


Medias like Xinhua News, CCTV, CNS, Sina, NetEasem, ifeng etc. reported TJPA Con and “2017 China Toy & Juvenile Products Industry Development Report” from different viewpoints.


The following are part of the industry development report.



According to the latest statistics, China’s toy export exceeded US$ 33.716 billion in 2016, up by 9.46% year-on-year; traditional toys export exceeded US$ 18.393 billion in 2016, up by 17.42% year-on-year.


In 2016, Guangdong, ranking the first, export exceeded US$ 11.409 billion, accounting for 62.03% of the total; Zhejiang, ranking the second, export exceeded US$ 2.737 billion, accounting for 14.88% of the total; Jiangsu and Shanghai, ranking the third and the fourth.


In 2016, China’s toys exported to USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and the Middle east, and export the volume exceeded US$ 23.209 billion of the total, up by 2.16% year-on-year. Traditional toys export exceeded US$ 12.481 billion of the total, up by 15.73% year-on-year.


Juvenile Products

China’s juvenile products export exceeded US$ 19.644 billion in 2016, down by 3.73% year-on-year; Children’s car seats export exceeded US$ 591 million, up by 7.85% year-on-year; Baby cribs export exceeded US$ 10.828 billion, down by 5.42% year-on-year.


Baby strollers & bicycles export exceeded US$ 3.255 billion in 2016, up by 2.85% year-on-year. Baby feeding and Nursery Products export exceeded US$ 4.774 billion, down by 7.85% year-on-year; Baby Wear and Footwear export exceeded US$ 2.95 billion, down by 8.67% year-on-year.