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FAQ for Star Supplier Program

1. What is Star Supplier Program?

Star Supplier is a free assessment service conducted by CTJPA, the not-for-profit association, who is recognized by the government, the trade, the media as the authoritative voice of the industry, guaranteeing every process and information reliable and fair. Almost 500 factories were awarded the first batch of Star Suppliers, while over 2,000 suppliers are under evaluable.

2. Who established Star Supplier Program?

CTJPA established Star Supplier Program. CTJPA is a not-for-profit trade association. The government, the trade, media and consumers recognize CTJPA as the authoritative voice of the industry. CTJPA became a member of the International Council of Toy Industry (ICTI) in 1998 as the only official representative from China and now has assumed the Presidency of ICTI.


3. How to judge the Star Supplier? What’s the standard of Star Supplier evaluation?

CTJPA evaluates the suppliers in line with five criteria according to the buyers’ requirements, including:


Products & Export Qualifications

With quality certification tested by the standard of USA or EU, etc.

Social Accountability

With ICTI CARE or BSCI, SA8000, SEDEX Certification

Annual Volume of Export

The annual exports indicated by Custom data or other official statistics reached US$ 3 million

Corporate Competitiveness

Engaged in export business for at least five years

Membership Status of CTJPA

Board member, standing member or member of TJPA

4. Who carries out the auditing? Is it reliable?

CTJPA, as a not-for-profit trade association assess the suppliers’ qualifications according to the third party such as Customs data, testing laboratories and the certification authorities. It’s very reliable for buyers who want to find suitable manufacturers.

5. What is the key difference between Star Suppliers, Rising Suppliers and other Suppliers?

Star Suppliers and Rising Suppliers are judged strictly by the third party, such as Customs data, testing laboratories and the certification authorities, etc., so that buyers can easily choose which supplier is more suitable for them.

6. As a manufacturer, what’s the benefit of being a star supplier?

International buyers will more likely to choose Star Suppliers than other suppliers. As they need a standard to judge different manufacturers.

7. As an international buyer, what’s the benefit of Star Supplier Program?

Star Suppliers Program offers international buyers the best way to distinguish different manufacturers in China directly. Buyers can have a standard to compare different suppliers at the same time.