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Pinghu Baby Carriages-Featured Production Region at 2019 CTE

Pinghu is located in northeast Zhejiang Province, bordering Shanghai, covering a land area of 537 square kilometers. In recent years, based on superior location and harbor, Pinghu has positively connected its development with Shanghai, developing opening-style economy, and established stable trading with over 170 countries and districts around the world.

In 1981, Pinghu Baby Carriage Factory, the first baby carriage producing enterprise in Pinghu was established in Xincang Town . In the subsequent 30 years, the baby carriage enterprises have developed steadily, the industry scale enlarged constantly with consistent renewal in the categories and functions of the baby carriages, so the products have been sold extensively from Zhejiang and Shanghai to various countries around the world. With decades of development, baby carriage manufacture has become one of the advantageous industries with Pinghu features. Pinghu baby carriages account for one fourth of the national baby carriage market, and can be found in Wal-Mart all and other international retail giants over the world.


At present, there are 70 baby carriage enterprises in Pinghu, with over 250 supporting producing enterprises, which cover hardware, plastic injection, paint spraying, plastic spraying and packing. The products come in over 10 series and 100 categories like baby cots, baby walkers, bicycles with 2 or 3 wheels and electric baby carriages. The annual output reaches 10 million with annual output value over RMB 2billion in the sale of whole carriage and parts, accounting for above 20% of the national market.

In 2006, Pinghu industrial City for Baby Carriages was honored as “China’s Producing Base for Baby Carriages”. Now service and inspection center for technological innovation in baby carriages has been established in Pinghu, participating in the drawing up of national technological standard for electric baby carriages and “Standard of Baby Carriage Alliance in Pinghu”, so new products have been constantly developed and sold in the market with constantly emerged brands like HLX, BeRica and I’m Handsome, the number of national patents reaching 1170.

In recent years, Pinghu baby carrier industry city has mainly produced ride-on cars. In order to upgrade the quality and class of the products, many companies have cooperated with well-known international automobile companies. At present, more than ten international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover and Audi have been authorized.

With continuous and swift economic development nation-wide and constant improvement of people’s living standard, baby carriages have become living necessities in city families at present. As per the prediction of experts, along with the baby boom in China in 2015, the market share of baby carriages will continue to increase in the future. The market potential of baby carriages is huge, revealing striking consumption capabilities of the customers now. In recent years, baby carriage industry in Pinghu has been mature in the die technology, production and quality management, owning more and more modernized plants and equipment. Pinghu baby carriage industry is expected to continue to develop at a high speed.

Over 40 baby carriage manufacturers and suppliers from PingHu will make a strong presence at this year’s China Toy Expo and China Kids Expo showcasing their latest hot products.

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