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Yongjia Educational Toy Production Base-Upgrading and Transformation

Since the 1970s, Qiaoxia Town of Yongjia County started to produce teaching wall maps and other products, which spawned a large number of family workshops with the front serving as a shop and the back as factory. After 40 years of development, from just unnoticed small products, it now sets up a big market. Yongjia County has become an important production and marketing base of China’s education toy industry. Its products account for half of China’s education toy market and about 30% are exported to the rest of the world. It has successively won the titles of China’s Education Toy Capital, National Toy Product Quality Improvement Demonstration Zone, National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base, Zhejiang Industrial Cluster Cross-border E-commerce Development Pilot, etc. Yongjia’s teaching toy is gaining popularity day by day.


A new situation calls for a new pattern. The development of education toy industry is just in a big reform from existence to excellence on the supply side and writing a story of transformation and upgrading. Products are growing from low-end ones to high-level and advanced ones; Enterprises are on the road of science and technology development. Kaiqi, Qitele, etc. have made gorgeous metamorphosis. Liben Group established a product research and development center in Zhejiang University of Technology. Yonglang Group adheres to innovation and has acquired 104 patents…In 2018, the total industrial output value of Yongjia’s education toy enterprises reached RMB2.321 billion and export increased by 34% year on year, forming a new industrial economic pattern.

A new pattern calls for a new platform. In recent years, Yongjia is constantly building a development platform for industrial transformation. Building an education toy town is the most powerful gripper. With a planning area of 3.44 square kilometers, the education toy characteristic town is a national education toy center integrating education toy experience and guidance, research, development and design, transaction and marketing, intelligent manufacturing and big data. It will become a unique industrial cluster in China and even the world. Yongjia plans to invest RMB5.7 billion in total in five years to realize RMB10 billion of industrial output value.

A new platform calls for a new strength. For education toy industry, the Internet is the future. Since 2008, many traditional education toy enterprises have opened the window of the Internet and began B2C and B2B business based on the advantages of the production base, which has quickly formed a network sales boom. Qixaoxia Town of Yongjia County is also rated as one of the first group of China’s E-commerce Towns due to the rapid development of its e-commerce industry. Similarly, Liben Group, Huaxia Amusement Co.,Ltd., Yucai Holding Group, etc, are also expanding their own Internet and cross-border e-commerce platforms to seize domestic and foreign trade markets and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and traditional industries. In 2018, the online transaction volume of the base exceeded RMB1.5 billion.


An education toy foreign trade transformation base with growing industrial scale, gathering high-end elements, prominent innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, complete supporting services, prominent children’s toy features and steady growth is taking off….
PS: Leading enterprises from Yongjia Educational Toy Production Base will exhibit at 2019 China Toy Expo. If you are interested, welcome to visit the tradefair to communicate with the exhibitors face-to-face!