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CTJPA Launched “Top 500”Enterprise Cultivation Program

Recently, China Toy and Juvenile Products Association (CTJPAl) together with local government of  "China Education Toy Production Base • Baoying" production area jointly held a training program aiming at cultivating “Top 500” toy and baby products manufacturing enterprises in China.

As the first stop of the training program, CTJPA brought together local government, leading enterprises and industry experts to share insights  product quality improvement, R&D, innovation, production process control, brand marketing etc.


Aim of “Top 500”Enterprise Cultivation Program
The Top 500 Enterprise Cultivation Program is aimed at promoting the development and transformation of China toy and juvenile products industry by providing training courses to enterprises on product development, design, packaging and marketing and thus achieving an industry upgrade. While OEM production remains dominant in China’s toy industry, changes are taking place. Chinese toy makers are paying increasing attention to R&D, while a number of key enterprises with their own proprietary IPR and brand names have emerged. Toy enterprises have also embarked on transformation and are gradually shifting operations up the value chain, increasing efforts in sales and marketing and product development. As the only nation-wide industry association, CTJPA are taking measures to promote industry transformation. With the implementation of the “Top 500”Enterprise Cultivation Program, by the end of 2020,it is expected to develop a batch of enterprises with significant competitive edges in product development, design, packaging and marketing. In terms of product quality, they are expected to meet national standards, U and EU standards. Another important goal is to raise the worldwide influence of China local brands, which is a crucial step of industry transformation and upgrade.