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Will Educational Toys Take the Future Trends?

Nowadays, with the deepening of consumption upgrade and the continuous optimization of people's educational concepts, parents are attaching greater importance to the role of toys in children’s growth. When ing toys for children, educational toys are gradually becoming the first choice for parents. Will this consumption trend become the mainstream development trend of the toy market in the future?

Learning through play is an important function of toys. Educational toys and games play an outstanding role in developing children's intelligence, promoting brain development and improving their all-around abilities.

Educational toys and games cover a wide range of products, including construction sets, building blocks, DIY materials, board games, arts kit, puzzles etc. At this year’s China Toy Expo, there will be a featured Educational Toys and Games Zone bringing together top brands specializing in different categories of products. For example, building blocks brands such as Lego, Playmobil, Nano Block, Guidecraft, Banbao etc.; DIY handicrafts brands such as Jandoon, Coloyou, Colorato etc.; Arts brands such as Crayola, JoanMiro etc.; Board games brands such as Asmodee, Smart Games, HABA etc. will showcase their latest products.

What are the highlights of the Educational Toys and Games Zone at 2019 CTE? Let’s check it out!

1. Educational toys + Popular IP, spurring hot new products

With the release of "Avengers 4", "Toy Story 4", and the upcoming "Frozen 2", a number of popular IP derivative products were born, and the animation, film and television works have effectively boosted the sales of toys.


Lego Disney Princess Series Aisha Magic Snow Castle


                 LEGO® Marvel Avengers Compound Battle


Nanoblock Pokemon Series Pikachu

2. STEAM education concept drives the development of high quality toys

In recent years, the STEAM education concept has been widely recognized and accepted in China, and the educational toys that incorporate STEAM elements have been welcomed by parents. STEAM Toys combine toys with education to motivate children’s creativity, inspire their logical thinking and spatial imagination and promote their language skills. STEAM toys are one of the highlights at 2019 CTE presenting the forefront creative design and technology.


Herbug VEX Robot Classic Series - 360 Speed Hopter


Cedutech Fischertechnik


Guidecraft Children's Creative Educational Magnetic Toy 100pcs

3. Immersive play experience
Many educational toys, especially building blocks, are designed to integrate real-life scenes to provide children with an immersive play experience.


Playmobil Special Police Car


Jandoon Cake Series


 SmartGames Smart Farmer

2019 China Toy Expo will be held during October 16-18, 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Center! It will be co-located with China Kids Expo, China Preschool Expo and China Licensing Expo. Register now to get insights  China toy and juvenile products industry, find out the latest products and future trends and identify opportunities to fuel your business growth.