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5 Major Development Trends of China Toy Market in 2019

The toy market in 2019 is full of challenges and opportunities under pressure of the global economic environment. We have seen the following trends:

1) Toys with no age limits

The age limit set for toys is out of consideration of safety and play experience for the special consumer group of children. For elder teenagers and adults, as long as they have childlike innocence and curiosity, toys can also bring happy experience to them.

2) Quality IPs promote toy development

 Whether it's for children or young people, it is easier for quality IP contents to take roots in their hearts than toy brand itself. If the product features and IP concepts are organically combined, the playability, richness and product recognition of the toy products can be improved.

3) Combination of smart technology and toys

 The combination of intelligent technology and traditional toy products has become a clear trend in the development of toys in recent years. This process should maintain the happiness that traditional toy products bring to children, and also reflects intelligent technology and maintains reasonable product development. How to realize the combination of toys with technology while keeping manufacturing costs under control is a great challenge faced by many toy brands and manufacturers, but it will definitely become one of the major future trends.

4) Toys can embody personal feelings and cultural backgrounds, with both brand story and functionality

Whether it is for children or adults, toys are attached with feelings, cultural backgrounds and stories of consumers. In the context of consumption upgrading and market segmentation, it is an important way to success for toy companies targeting the middle and high-end consumers to enhance their brand image and emotional connections with consumers without losing focus on product function.

5) The experience brought by toys in offline retail channels is irreplaceable by other channels

There is still large room for improvement and exploration for the existing offline toy retail modes in terms of satisfying consumers' emotional appeal and deep experience. Toy stores need to bring consumers a complete immersive scene-like experience. Both products and shopping process should arouse customers’ resonating feelings.