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Innovative Educational Toys Collection

Educational toys cover a wide range of products with various educational functions. Let's take a look at 8 ed educational toys, which are designed to develop children's ability of perception and cognition, body coordination, hands-on ability, artistic imagination etc.

Induction Night Light Bed Bell
Producer: Auby Toys by Alpha Group

Features: This is a must-have toy for newborns that combines a bed bell and a night light. Soothing music and white noise can help your baby fall asleep easily, while also stimulating the baby's auditory development and promoting baby's music enlightenment. The 360° rotating bracket and rattle can help promote visual development, and educate the baby to recognize colors and animals. The rattle can also be removed and played separately to train the baby's fine movements. The detachable design meets multiple occassions.

Pull Puppy Toy
Producer: Zhengjiang Muwan Toys Co.,Ltd.(iWood)



Features: The vivid design of a cute puppy attracts baby's attention and increases the fun of learning to crawl and walk. The proper length of the rope makes it convenient for the baby to pull along. With elastic spring connection, the puppy will rise and fall, shake head, and sway ears as it moves. The product adopts a metal axle that is smooth in both directions.

12-color ultra-light clay
Producer: Seasoar Art Supplies (Colorato)



Features: This is the Colorato ultra-light clay series of products, using a new safe formula, no odor, non-sticky, no irritating substance. The clay is fine and super soft with good stretchability, bright non-fading color, and different colors of clay can be mixed freely to create new colors.

3D Sticker Maker
Producer: 100 Fun


Features: The design is based on the look of a camera, which is attractive to children. It can arouse children’s interest in DIY 3D stickers. The sticker maker is very easy to operate. When children imitate the action of taking a picture with a camera, a 3D sticker will be produced. They can also add small beads or glitter to the crystal cover as desired to create more diversified stickers. The stickers can be used to decorate diary books, school bags, suitcases, etc., giving children the freedom to explore.

Double-sided Drawing Board
Producer: Jingjing Stationery


Features: This is the core product of Jingjing stationery. The drawing board serves multi-functions. On the one side, it is a magnetic drawing board and the other side is a blackboard. In terms of safety, the shell of the product is made of ABS material, which is safe for children. In terms of practicality, the product is made of magnetic liner and can be used repeatedly for drawing, which is economical and low-carbon. In terms of educational function, the drawing board is equipped with magnetic pen and magnetic cartoon seal. Children can improve their imagination, observation and memory and stimulate brain development through graffiti and drawing. The product has multiple colors to choose from.

BOLOSOMA Logical Thinking Series
Producer: Bolotree



Features: The idea comes from the construction principle of soma cube. The design of infinite magnetic force makes the combination of different parts very stable. Bolosoma is made of food grade ABS plastic, non-toxic and odorless materials. Each cube is finely polished, smooth and burr free, with a colorful and transparent color mixing. This product can exercise children's hand-eye coordination, spatial perception and logical thinking ability. Different colors can be divided two play sets, which are convenient for children and their parents or their little partners to enjoy the fun of competition. The product comes with 3 Instruction Books, including 210 challenge games at gradually increasing levels of difficulty. The more you play, the more mind twisting it is.

Simulation Animal Interactive Hand Puppet
Producer: New Canna Education Toy Co.,Ltd.



Features: Through precise restoration and depiction, the prototype of each hand puppet model is carved by the archetypal artist one by one and painted carefully. The puppets are made of environmentally friendly materials and are lively, soft and comfortable. In the process of playing, children can interact and do role play with their parents. The products can help improve parent-child relationship but also exercise their language expression ability, thinking and creativity. While playing, children can exercise their imagination and mental activities enabling them to grow up with fun.

Sensory Balance Board
Yongjia Qianxing Playground Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Features: This is a sensory training equipment. It is designed in wave shape to create an unbalanced surface to exercise vestibular system (part of the inner ear that monitors movement and helps control balance) and improve body balance. There are 6 anti-skid foot pads at the bottom to enhance the friction and prevent children from falling down in the game. It is made of environmentally friendly PE material, which is BPA Free, non-toxic and odorless. Reasonable concave & convex design makes different parts compatible with each other. It is very convenient for installation by rotating to connect.