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Hape Shines at the 2019 China Toy Expo

As a long-term exhibitor, Hape brought wide ranges of new products to make an impressive showcase at this year’s China Toy Expo.

Hape, is a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children’s wooden toys made from sustainable materials. Hape produces the highest standards of quality through stringent control systems and a world class production facility. Hape brands are sold through specialty retail, toy stores, museum gift stores, school supply stores and catalog and internet accounts in over 60 countries.


With an 800-square-meter exhibition space, the Hape booth presented segregated toy sections that included different themes like infants and toddlers, music, sand and outdoor, STEAM, and much more. Moreover, the Hape Playground (previously called Hape “shop-in-shop”), and the real-time live-show displayed on the booth’s LED screen helped give a comprehensive presentation of Hape’s exquisite toys to all its visitors. Additionally, the expertly designed, high-quality products - alongside the fabulous Ty show - drew large crowds of visitors and customers to the booth during the Expo.

Hape China is located in the second largest export manufacturing region in China -Ningbo- in the Zhejiang Export province. Mr.Peter Handstein, Founder and CEO of Hape, was proud of their 30+ years of heritage as a quality manufacturer of sustainable wooden toy products designed for a core target audience of children, ages 1-3 years. “Our wooden music, food and kitchen ranges are popular worldwide, with new developments in STEAM products such as the award-winning Hape Jr Inventor Series. In China, our core educational products appeal to the strong values of the Chinese consumer.” Hape also represents and distributes the #1 TY plush brand in China, where its edgy fashionable appeal is strong. Key global brands for Kids II, Baby Einstein, Nebulous Stars and Nanoblock businesses are also managed by Hape across multiple Asian countries, regions and territories. Peter is especially excited about the future: “2020 brings more challenges and opportunities. Strategically we have started to explore new channels and new business models to continue to triumph in the constantly changing market. For example, we introduced Eurekakids  China, to lead the new retail trend in the toy market: a HAPE branded retail store option. We already have established Eurekakids, with 130 successful stores locations in Spain.”


Peter concluded, “Sustainability will continue to be a core value proposition moving forward, especially driven by the momentum of climate-conscious kids, parents and activists, such as Greta Thunberg. We still have a lot to do, and are using bamboo, rice and plant-based plastics and other recycle-able and re-usable materials to continue to support that momentum.”