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CTJPA Magazine

Toy & Hobby

Toy & Hobby is the only national trade magazine published by China Toy & Juvenile Products Association with 15,000 volume of circulation monthly. The magazine is delivered to Chinese toy and baby products distributors, retailers, manufacturers and related industry business people. The magazine covers update information on domestic and international latest product trend and market dynamics.


30 Years of the Toy Industry in China

China’s Toy Industry in Retrospect, a commemorative pictorial, presents a multi-perspective and all-directional record of the 30-year development of China toy industry, displaying major endeavor and achievements.


ICTI Code of Business Practice-Chinese Version

Translated, edited and printed by CTJPA, the booklet is delivered to mainland Chinese companies as important guidance of applying ICTI certification.


Toys & Preschool Education

Compiled by CTJPA in 2011, the book is divided into 10 parts according to the age groups from 0 to 6. Each part introduces the growths characters in different ages. The book is designed for guiding the consumers to learn how to choose suitable toys for children at different ages, to find out the knowledge of preschool education and the value of toys.


National Training Books for Toy Designers

Authorized by Ministry of Huaman Resources and Social Security of China, CTA edited the National Training Books for Toy Designers. With over 800,000 words and 800 pictures, five books cover Toy Design knowledge of wooden toys, plush toys, electronic toys and baby articles. It is for toy design from starter to senior level. It is also recommended as reference book and the National Standard Training Material for university students majoring in toy design.