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版块类别内容完美版Company Info Basic InfoCompany Name首字母大写,不能全大写     有限公司标准表示:Co., Ltd.Company Name in Chinese和英文名对应Business...

How Can I Post A Sourcing Request to Get Accurate Quotes?

4 steps to Post Sourcing RequestStep 1-Join FreeJoin free to be our VIP buyers, receive more services in our website. Step 2-Complete Your ProfileLog in to your account and complete your detailed information, including Personal...

How to Search Products on the Website?

Search ProductsOption 1-Join FreeJoin free to be our VIP buyers, receive more services in our website.Option 2-SearchSearch among millions of products by entering the keywords.Or you could search by categories or company.

I forgot My Registered Email Address. What Can I Do?

Please click here to request a new password.The email may take up to a few minutes to arrive. If you don't receive an email, please check your spam folder or try again. Make sure the email address you enter is correct.If you still...

I Cannot Sign In to My CTJPA Account.

Please make sure that you have used the correct Member ID and password. Also noted, the password is case sensitive, so please be sure to set your Caps Lock key correctly. If you still cannot sign in, you can click here to reset your password.

How to Manage Products?

1. Sign in your account in CTJPA.2. Click "Product" or "Add a new product" after sign in.3. Finish the product information and click "save".4. Wait for the audit result.5. Manage products successfully.

What is CTJPA?

The China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA) is the not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of the Chinese toy and juvenile products industry. The government, the trade, media and consumers recognize CTJPA as...