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The best-selling Barbie is back!

2022-08-9 CTE

Kids and collectors can look forward to the debut of the Barbie Totally Hair 30th Anniversary doll collection this fall. Mattel is bringing back the iconic ankle-length hair, bold highlights, butterfly clips, and — of course — crimped hair. A real flash from the past.


Inspired by the original Barbie Totally Hair doll which sold more than 10 million units during its first three years at retail, the anniversary doll line features color-changing hair clips alongside a diverse array of new body types and skin tones. Kids can collect four dolls with unique hairstyles, hair textures, fashion looks, and themes, each with more than 15 included styling accessories.


When the Barbie Totally Hair doll line first debuted in 1992, it featured only two styles of dolls — blonde or brunette. The brand also introduced a Hollywood Hair doll a year later in 1993 which included a unique mist that could be used to change Barbie’s hair from blonde to pink. Now, fans can take part in history and commemorate the anniversary with these new inclusive dolls that have all the iconic features of the classic 90s doll line.

Source: The Toy Book